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Clarice, Theo, and the Zoo


A children’s book [age 8-12] about a young girl and pet alligator that go to the zoo for their birthday. While at the zoo, Theo gets lost, and Clarice sets out to find him. Throughout the book, the reader will learn many more ways to say that something is ‘strange’ to use on their own adventures.



Clarice and Theodore


Character Design

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Bob and Barbara

Irma and Penelope

Antoinette and Henri


Concept Art Process

Concept art for the Dummy Book. Illustration depicts Clarice (pictured left) and Theodore (pictured right) eating their dinner. Illustration served as inspiration for the book that followed. Illustration made with pencil on watercolor paper. Final work would be in a digital watercolor style.

Part 1: Initial sketches and concept art designs, drafting up characters and writing the basic storyline. 

Part 2: Drafting the outline of the story page to page, deciding on final character designs, finishing the basic story.

Part 3: Final sketches drawn traditionally, dummy book images finished digitally on Procreate. 

Part 4: Color Image examples finished, dummy book finished with text in InDesign. 

Sample Dummy Book Images

Click here to view the entire dummy book! 

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