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Clay Figurines 


Leu (short for Leucothoe), an angel and Clytie, a demon, are the members of a 80s synth pop group called the The Square Roots. Leu and Clytie's job before the band was on assignment to sway people to make good or bad decisions, and persuade the subconscious. One year, the two fall in love with the same man. What starts as a rivalry between the two ends in them falling in love with each other, and forming a band.


Materials used for the two figure sculpts include armature wire, super sculpey clay, arcrylic paint, tacky glue, acrylic matte sealant, embroidery thread, metal loops, scraps of fabric, hand sewing embroidery, ribbon, Process of creating the two figures. Started with armature wire, making the frames for each figure. Moved on to adding clay to the figure, using tools to shape the figures into their positions, baked each in the oven, painted each figure with acrylic paint. Used tacky glue and general scissors to create the hair. Hand sewn the clothes and then used tacky glue to attach to the figures. 

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