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Costume Design

In 2020, my colleague invited me to a comic-con. I put my all into a costume, and worked with my family to learn how to sew a dress from a pattern, editing it so that it can fit the project I needed to complete. The project re-invigorated a desire costuming that I had long forgot since I was a child, and I became hooked. My hobby has continued to grow since then, and I now design my own outfits, and I look forward to expanding on this hobby in realizing my arts into something that I can wear. Below is some of the art behind my current finished costumes, as well as proposed costumes for the future.


For my friends, costuming is a form of being your favorite character. Fhat is certainly not lost on me, but I certainly am inspired by historical fashion, and theatric costumes. Current project is my birthday costume, where I will be constructing a tiered tulle skirt, using inspiration from 80s wedding dresses, and Nadja and Lazlo inspired outfits from What We Do in the Shadows, which will be Victorian inspired outfits.

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