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Art Submitted to Contests


Top Left: Edible Book Contest Poster and Plan for the Juneau Public Libraries in Juneau, Alaska.

Bottom Left: Sketch for Promotional Poster and Merchandise for Vietnamese Fashion Store.

Right: Finalized piece - image created on Procreate as a digital art file.


Devil's Tango competition: Design a t-shirt for a Youtuber relating to the phrase 'devil's tango'. This was a re-occuring theme in this Youtuber's sketches, which he wanted to transfer it to merch. Knowing this, I wanted to go with the most literal form of the word, which still displayed how it related to raunchy ideas, but in a cute way that someone would enjoy wearing.

Art was created digitally via Procreate, and was designed to challenge my approach to art. I tended to only draw within one color palette, and characters that were sitting or standing instead of moving around. This easily turned into one of my favorite pieces, irregardless of it not being selected by the Youtuber.

Typography was hand-drawn, and image was presented on both white and black t-shirts, in case the youtuber preferred one or the other.


Van's Custom Culture Online Competition: designing a custom shoe to be selected as a promoted shoe in the near future.

I was inspired by a lot of the sneakers from the 90s and early 2000s and the amount of details and almost 'camp' aesthetic to the shoes--I also wanted a lo of color for such a small space!

Detail of the art is to the left - art's inspirations was based on the Halloween parties hosted at my University - there were so many interesting outfits - I wanted to portray the atmosphere!

I was not selected for this contest for unknown reasons - my art did not follow the rules in some capacity.

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