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Sayem is a start up fashion brand based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focusing on young woman fashion that blends girly florals with mature patterns. Development of the brand began in June 2019. The project outline was to create a recognizable brand logo and palette, then to make clothing, price tags, packaging, and a postcard.  The branding would need market to a youthful and independent audience of women in Vietnam, with hopes to expand. The process was quick, developing a series of logos and general ideas of the tags, postcard, packaging within one week, and developing designs to final print-ready versions in the three weeks that followed.

As the project moved forward, two main versions of the logo were developed, both with a handwritten typography style. Along with the green and yellow color scheme, another scheme using a pink and purple palette were reqeuested by the client. Examples were sent of all the designs with both versions of the logo and the color schemes. Text color was also experimented with in both color palettes to find the most striking combination. The green and yellow palette was picked, with the simple lettering and dark green font picked for the lettering. Focus at this point became refining the designs, and beginning work on the postcard illustration. 

Once all the designs and the postcard were finished, each were brought into Adobe Illustrator to be turned into AI files and rasterized. Final edits were made in accordance to the local printer companies' file size and image qualifications. 

Sticker Sayem

Opening of the shop began on July 17th, 2019. Please go and support the shop by clicking the logo to the left! 

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